The Bryant School System, Liberia, Africa

The Vision started in 2002 on the 24th Street Sinkor, Gbarngay Town, where Mr. Bryant, the vision bearer, started a study class with only one student, and that student was his son, G. Edwin Bryant, Jr. After one week the study class had gained 10 students and after 6 weeks, the study class ended with 82 students. Based upon the program and subjects taught, many students from places as far away as Red Light, Duala, and Broad came to attend the study class. Strong Reading , Hand Writing and Phonics courses were introduced, which attracted lots of parents. Immediately after the study class ended, the parents requested that a school be opened in that community, as the need to open a standard school could not be over-emphasized.

Responding to the request, Mr. Bryant indeed opened the school’s doors to the public in 2002 and named the school Bright Stone Academy. That year the school got its permit from the Liberian Government, and the following subjects were taught: Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Bible, Spelling, Phonics, Reading, Writing, Physical Education, Arts, Typing , and Computer. That year of operation the school got 150 students, mostly girls.

As the passion for education grew in Bryant’s heart, he decided to extend his vision outside of Monrovia. In 2004 he introduced a study class in the Gardnersville Community with 25 students. That same year another school was opened and he named it the G. Edwin Bryant Academy.

In 2007 Mr. Bryant decided to spread his vision in the Paynesville Community outside of Monrovia and opened the third school, named it Prince of Wales. 

Mr. Bryant never rested. His desire for education pushed him to build a boarding school for the children of Liberia. After many years of operation Mr. Bryant realized that the influx of students that were on scholarship was too high in his schools. Many children–including those in orphanages–needed support. Therefore, he purchased 14 acres to build a Children’s Village. Presently, there is an elementary school called G. Edwin Bryant Children’s Village on that piece of property. Mr. Bryant is believing in God for sponsors to help build the Children’s Village for the less fortunate children of Liberia. This is how the G. Edwin Bryant School System was established.

A note from G. Edwin Bryant Sr. in Liberia to Eric Bryant in the United States:

It is my prayer that the Lord will open the flood gates of blessings. We are so excited about the connections. To be very frank with you, I have been waiting for this day after many years. All through the years I have been carrying this vision all along. But you know, God is faithful. He knows the heartbeat of his children. He indeed knows the sounds of his children’s voices.

Many nights when going to bed it was a burden on my heart. Sometimes I hardly slept till morning. I had many destitute children on scholarship. Sometimes up to 150 each year. Many years I borrowed money from banks in order to give those kids an education. I can remember some of my neighbor schools receive support every year. I always used to ask myself some questions and no one was around to give me an answer.

Brother Bryant, words are inadequate to express. I still can’t believe that you sent the kids some money for keyboards to make them happy. To God be the glory! Tomorrow I will go to make the payment and send you the report. God bless you, Bryant.

G. Edwin Bryant Sr.
Founder & Administrator, The Bryant School System