Here’s How You Can Help

The Bryant School System in Liberia, Africa, includes 9 schools serving over 1,800 students in grades K-12. The children are learning piano and singing in the schools and are in need of the following instruments and equipment.

  • 90 Electric Piano Keyboards ($125 each)
  • 18 Electric Guitars ($125 each)
  • 18 Acoustic Guitars ($125 each)
  • 18 Electric Bass Guitars ($125 each)
  • 9 Full Drum Kits ($400 each)
  • 9 Sets of Hand Drums ($125 each)
  • 9 Sound Systems with Microphones, Speakers & Amps, Mixer, and recording equipment. ($900 each)
  • 8 Video Cameras ($400 each)

Other Ways To Help


  • Sponsor a Student’s Tuition Fees ($25 per year)
  • Sponsor a Teacher’s Salary ($50 per month)
  • If you have an affinity with a specific topic of study such as Science, Music, Cosmetology, Home Economics, Video Production, Computers and more, you can sponsor a specific program within the schools. Contact the office directly here.